A Little Friendly Competition



Now that I’m well into the final semester of my last year here at UM, the reality that the end is near is sinking in. As an executive board member of the Health Policy Student Association (HPSA), I and the rest of the board are taking a step back and allowing the next generation of members to exercise their agency. I became Professional Development chair almost a year ago with the idea to hold the first health policy case competition at SPH in order to give policy-interested students a chance to gain practical experience solving real-world issues, similar to the way management-focused students do in typical management case competitions. Though it was my brainchild, I must say most of the credit for bringing the event to fruition is the amazing Case Competition Committee that is comprised of mainly first-year HPSA members in Health Management & Policy (HMP), Social Welfare, Ross, and Public Policy. Their hard work and dedication have assured me that HPSA will be in good hands after the board graduates in May.

We would be happy to have as many interested graduate students from across campus participate in this competition as possible. For more information, see below.

Health Policy Student Association 

Case Competition

Calling all graduate and professional students:

Would you like to apply your classroom knowledge and internship experiences to real world challenges? Would you like to help solve health policy issues right here in Michigan? Would you like to work with fellow colleagues to earn some extra spending money?

The Health Policy Student Association invites you to participate in its first annual case competition to be held at the University of Michigan School of Public Health opening on March 13 with final presentations on March 22, 2013. This competition will be judged by academics and professionals from various backgrounds and sectors.

$2,500 for 1st place and $1,250 for 2nd place.


Students from all graduate and professional programs at U of M are eligible.

Team composition:

  • Teams are encouraged to be multidisciplinary
  • At least two distinct graduate schools or departments must be represented
  • Between 3 and 5 members
  • Each student can only participate on a single team

Register your team here


  • Monday, March 4, 5PM – Registration closes
  • Wednesday, March 13, 5PM– Case released electronically
  • Wednesday, March 20, 5PM –Solutions due electronically
  • Friday, March 22, 9AM – Teams present solutions to judges (Presentations must be made in person at the School of Public Health. Refreshments will be provided.)

Please contact Marisa Fortuna (fortunam@umich.edu) with any questions.

One thought on “A Little Friendly Competition

  1. Great job! i’m sure your parents are proud of your achievement at UM. I hope this legacy continues after you graduate.

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