A Brief Introduction



My name is Michelle, a current first year student at UM SPH. As this is my first post, I’d like to spend some time introducing myself and what you can expect out of this blog over the next year.

A bit about myself:

I studied neuroscience at the University of Michigan as an undergrad, and loved every aspect of being at U of M. I spent these four years working in a research lab, meeting great people, discovering many of the awesome things to do (and eat) in Ann Arbor, going to football games, and enjoying the dynamic of the school and city (oh, and studying). Although my intentions were to originally go to medical school, the field of public health caught my attention by the time I was a junior and led me to where I am now (and I’m loving it!)

Within the school of public health, I am studying nutrition and dietetics, a sub-plan within the department of Environmental Health Sciences (There are five departments within UM-SPH: environmental health sciences, biostatistics, health behavior and health education, health management and policy, and epidemiology; some of these departments have specific sub-plans, so areas of study can be pretty specific!). Currently, I am taking Biostatistics, Community Nutrition, Principles of Nutritional Science, and Topics in Environmental Health Sciences.

Aside from school, I also work 15-20 hours a week, so I’ve quickly learned how to manage a busy schedule!

What to expect from this blog:

I’ll be posting a lot about what it is like to be an SPH student, both specifically within my department and as a student at SPH in general, updates on local events and things to do around town, and whatever other insights happen to cross my mind.

 That’s it for now, feel free to ask questions!

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