Exciting Times

leon-espiraRemember the great collaborative culture that I mentioned in my first post? Well that’s something that I would like to focus on a bit more on this post. One of things that I really liked about orientation program- and may be should have mentioned in first post- was that faculty spoke about their research areas and encouraged students to become involved in research with them or just stop by for a chat. Well I took advantage of that offer and have talked with a quite a few faculty.  The breath, quality and variety of research at the school is inspiring. And to add to that, the School of Public Health is part of one of the most innovative research cultures in the world- the University of Michigan.  This plugs you into a world with endless possibilities, where from what I can tell the only limit is how much you are willing to let the your curiosity get the better of you.  So whether you are interested in working with the folks from the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology to explore intersects of disease and ecology or become involved in cardiovascular research at the Frankel Cardiovascular Centre, it is all possible. Or for those more inclined towards adventure how about becoming a National Geographic Young Explorer?  The beauty of being in a field as diverse and vibrant as public health is that it plugs into so many facets and disciplines and the more we learn the more interesting it becomes.  In a nutshell, no matter what school you are in, take advantage of all the faculty and the university community at large have to offer, it will not only make for a more rewarding training experience but also help you realize what an exciting time it is to consider a career in public health.

Next week is the Department of Epidemiology’s Annual Poster Session where second year students get to present the research that they did over the summer and I hope that this post sets the tone for the all the exciting research that will be showcased next week. I for one am certainly looking forward to telling you guys all about it and so will keep this post short.

Till next week then!

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