Leading Together: The Transformation to Population Health


Hello Readers,

This past weekend the School of Public Health and the Griffith Leadership Center in the Health Management and Policy program had their annual symposium. This year’s topic, “Leading Together: The Transformation to Population Health”, brought together many of America’s healthcare leaders to present and discuss how healthcare organizations can improve population health. Emily Friedman, the keynote speaker and a well-respected health policy and ethics analyst, made the case for why healthcare organizations must change to include a population health focus. She cited the growing knowledge that health is determined beyond access to healthcare and the ethical imperative for healthcare organizations to work to improve community health.

The symposium continued with six breakout sessions delivered by health system CEO’s such as Amir Dan Rubin from Stanford Hospital & Clinics, to Elliot Joseph from Hartford HealthCare, where they all discussed how their organizations are innovating to improve the patient experience in the face of increasing financial pressure. The afternoon session consisted of a panel of healthcare leaders, moderated by Deborah Chang from Nemours, and including Steve Nelson from UnitedHealthCare, Jay  Rosen from Health Management Associates, Nina Nashif from Healthbox, and Kimberlydawn Wisdom from Henry Ford Health System who discussed how healthcare organizations are innovating to provide more population health interventions and how best to pay for it. Overall the symposium provided an excellent view of the future of healthcare and what it will take to for healthcare systems to get there.

This upcoming weekend is also Prospective Student Day, and I hope to see many future Health Management and Policy students there! I know we have an exciting day planned for you, and I cannot wait to meet some of you there. In the next few weeks I hope to have a blog post with some advice on applying to the Health Management and Policy program, so be on the lookout for that post if you are applying.



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