Halloween in Ann Arbor!

rachel-rudermanHalloween is almost here and I cannot wait! Growing up, Halloween was a very serious holiday – my family went the whole nine yards and although my parents are now empty nesters, I can always count on coming home to the witch that “flew” into our tree in the front yard. Halloween in Ann Arbor, I’ve found, can be just as fun!

One of my favorite activities on Halloween is baking anything pumpkin-related (and eating it, too!). My favorite cooking website offers a huge list of pumpkin recipes that are delicious and also not so bad for you…I can also report that I’ve tried pretty much every pumpkin spice latte in town and I’d have to say you can’t really go wrong there.

My Favorite Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins, From Skinnytaste.com

My Favorite Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins, From Skinnytaste.com

As a student in Ann Arbor, there’s much to do around this holiday. For organized fun, there are tons of activities being put on by both Michigan Student Life and University Health services. Standing in the Diag and people watching on Halloween is also one of my favorite things to do – and as I’ve said previously, you can’t forget about haunted Halloweens at a nearby orchard.

From a public health perspective, there are always things we can do on big holidays to maximize safety and prevent accidents. Drinking responsibly, preventing drunk driving, and monitoring the size of your party are just a few things you can do to make sure Halloween is both fun and safe. It’s also important to know that Michigan has a medical amnesty law – so check it out and don’t be afraid to call for help.

Do you have any good Halloween recipes or costume ideas? Let me know in the comments – I’m always looking for more!

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