Flip open a copy of Findings


Milling around SPH, you may have noticed magazines floating around with an aged Rosie the Riveter on the cover–it’s hard to miss the bright pop of yellow background. These are copies of Findings, the biannual magazine of the School of Public Health. Get your mitts on one of these!


First off, I have to disclose the “conflict of interest” that I’m a contributor to Findings, so I’m not entirely unbiased. But my secret aside, this aging-focused issue is packed full of information relevant to everyone: not only will we all age, but most of us will eventually–if not already–navigate the prospect of aging parents and relatives. Inside, you’ll find a guide to thriving–which frankly, is helpful at any age, insights from public health professors in “15 Ideas for a Better Old Age,” an interview with 95-year-old Robert Kahn of the UM Institute for Social Research, and aging-related research news, among other pieces.

The upside is you don’t need to physically be at the School of Public Health in order to read Findings–it’s online and in PDF form as well. You can read the whole magazine here, where you can also delve into the supplementary web extras and YouTube videos and explore past issues.

One last note, back to Rosie the Riveter on the cover–she’s actually a personification with local roots, born out of Ford’s mile-long abandoned Willow Run B-24 bomber plant in nearby Ypsilanti (which we Environmental Health Sciences students visited during orientation–a rare opportunity). Sadly, the factory is slated for demolition, but three Rosies returned this past June to revisit their “alma mater” and raise funds for the Yankee Air Museum, which hopes to save a wing of the plant and relocate there.

Til next time, start getting excited for the spring/summer 2014 issue–all about mental health.


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