Addis Ababa to Ann Arbor: SPH Internship

selam-misgano  Being a graduate student is like juggling. You are constantly moving various pieces at once. This may include homework, exams, work, internship search, social life etc. Sometimes you drop a piece or two but you manage to keep going and pick them up when you can. The most important thing is that you keep going. Winter semester has been especially hectic with internship search. Although an exciting prospect to spend the summer doing real world public health, applying to internships and funding can be stressful.

The summer internship is an opportunity for public health students to apply skills and theories they been learning in school. Students spend their summer as far away as Africa and as close as Ann Arbor. I have been searching for placements in Seattle, Washington. Personally I wanted to use the internship to build my professional network in a city I hope to end up in after graduating.

I want to share a couple of resources that are helping me secure a placement and funding.

1, Friends, family, past professors and classmates.    

While on winter break in Seattle, I meet with a couple of organizations I wanted to intern in. I also meet with mentors and professors. They can be great resource to pointing you organizations and people.

2, SPH Career Center        

People at the Career Center can meet with you one and one to help you come up with strategies for researching your dream internship. They can also help you improve your resume and cover letter so you can stand out.

3, Your Department’s Internship Office

Don’t feel you have recreate the wheel. Students have been through this process year after year at SPH. They can get you connected to them or/and tell you about experiences from past students that can help.

 4, Other students 

Second years are a great resource. I am fortunate enough to have several friends who have been kind enough to support my internship search.

5, Professors and advisor   

I meet with my advisor pretty regularly. It is good to have a trusted faculty to give you advice on your search and general career plans.

Remember everyone has a unique process to finding his or her internship. Don’t be shy to ask questions. Even if it seems you are the only with your question.

May the odds ever be in your favor!! 


3 thoughts on “Addis Ababa to Ann Arbor: SPH Internship

  1. Here are a few to consider in Seattle:

    VillageReach – logistics and transport of vaccines and other medical commodities in a variety of countries and settings (check their website – lots more going on)

    One by One – providing fistula repair surgeries in African countries; fundraising and program staff in Seattle.

    PATH – the biggest one around for global health – tons going on there, and they may be established enough to have a formal internship program.

    Washington Global Health Alliance – membership umbrella for global health orgs in WA

    And of course Gates Foundation, but they tend to hire folks who already have field experience in specific expertise areas. Anyway, they’re a funder, not a direct service provider. But worth a mention.

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