Smell the Roses

selam-misganoThe snow is melting outside and even the frozen Huron River is back to it’s sparklingly glorious self. With final projects and exams approaching, you can feel the collective anxiety and stress building at UM School of Public Health.

It’s a transitional time as first year students like myself head out to our internships in just a month. Second years are graduating and going into the real world.

Graduate school may be inherently stressful, but that doesn’t mean we should forget to enjoy each other’s company and the privileges of being a student at one of the best public health schools in the country.

Guide to Surviving the last few weeks of the semester

1. Listen and contribute to class discussions. It’s tempting and maybe sometimes necessary to be on your computer, answer emails, or finish up assignments during class. However, try to make the effort to be really present and take advantage of the expert sitting in your classroom.

2. Be a thoughtful team member. Group work can feel inconvenient, but it has the power to connect people and make ideas into reality. Be a thoughtful team member by responding to emails, being fully present at group meetings, and being appreciative of others’ contributions.

3. Take a 15-minute walk at the Arboretum during lunch. The sun is shining and most of the snow is gone. Do yourself a favor and get some sunshine and some physical activity while taking a quick walk. The Arb is located next to SPH.

4. Take breaks from your computer and phone. We all find ourselves on our laptops more than we may like. Sometimes it can feel like we can’t get anything done without our devices. You may be surprised how much more productive you can be without the temptation of Facebook. Can the outline of your final paper be done in paper and pen?

5. Go to that really cool talk across campus that has nothing to do with public health. Go to a cultural show, or walk around central campus. I remember how much I missed my undergraduate campus once I graduated. UM’s campus is beautiful and with the weather improving, it’s only going to get be better. Take advantage of it!

For those graduating, Congratulation and Forever Go Blue!!


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