Mom! I’m in Michigan!

Hello All,

I am Elise Tolbert. I received my bachelors degree from Tuskegee University in Environmental Sciences and I am currently a second year Environmental Quality and Health student at University of Michigan’s School of Public Health.

I am so excited to share my Michigan experience with everyone!

Here is a little video introduction with more information to follow!!!

As mentioned, this is my second year yet I am still in disbelief that I am actually here. Each day is a reminder of how privileged of an experience this is. The faculty and staff are amazing and conduct some of the most prolific research in the world.

Below are a few links to interesting things going on in the School of Public Health.

1. Here is a short clip featuring the Environmental Health Sciences (EHS) department!!

In EHS we have world class professors who work diligently to ensure that students master specific skills necessary  to evaluate critical environmental health issues and solve the worlds most pressing environmental health problems.

2. Here are 5 things you need to know about Ebola presented by the School of Public Health’s Risk Science center.

The Ebola outbreak has many concerned about their risk for exposure. Unfortunately, there is an abundance of misinformation on the infection. This clip demystifies some of the rumors about Ebola.

3.Here , the dean of the School of Public Health, Martin Philbert, gives remarks on chronic disease.

Several weeks ago the School of Public Health hosted the Public Health Symposium honoring Noreen M. Clark, former dean of the School of Public Health. The symposium focused on “Confronting the Challenges of Chronic Disease.”

The clips above provide just a glimpse to the into the excellence that is the Michigan experience. The students and faculty here are experts in all areas of public health. Additionally, there is a friendly supportive academic atmosphere here in which peers and professors are happy to share information with each other. All this is and more explains why I can not believe that I am here and find myself repeatedly saying with pure joy, “Mom, I’m in Michigan!”

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