“Hello, World!”

Hi guys! I’m Anita, a first year Master’s student in the Biostatistics program. I completed my Bachelor’s in Statistics-Mathematics at Rutgers University this past May and came straight here! (Personally, I’m really glad I didn’t take a break after undergrad – it definitely works for some people, but not me – I’d get distracted!) I can’t believe my first semester is almost over. It really does feel like I got here yesterday. And it certainly doesn’t feel like I have to start studying for finals (!!!) soon…

Speaking of school, it’s going well. Classes are challenging, but in a refreshing sort of way and not too much more so than I expected. I honestly feel like I’ve learned more in this first semester than I did during my entire undergraduate career (sorry RU!). There are also lots of schmantastic things about SPH that I love, like some really great places to study in natural light, the Reflection Room for anyone who wants a quiet place to meditate/pray, and the Biostat-kids-only computer lab. I’m sure all three will come in handy during FINALS (!!!!!!!) next week!

But let’s ignore finals for now… I’m super excited to be blogging for SPH! There’s just so much excitement in talking about oneself ;D Already I foresee myself blogging about my mess of hobbies (which includes extreme crafting, my love affair with yoga, marathoning Avatar, crying over the Starks and cooking unnecessarily extravagant meals for myself while dancing), and how I’m trying to balance everything with a full course load, a GSI position, applying for internships and oh yeah, sleep.

Even though I can’t wait to go home to New Jersey for winter break, I think I really do have a big crush on Ann Arbor. It’s a great, energetic city with so many fun, quirky stores that I love (has anyone been to the Robot Repair Store??). Plus, there are so many amazing restaurants, and that makes me happy. I live near Kerrytown, which is close to Central Campus and is less than a 15-minute walk from SPH. There’s also a great Farmer’s Market down the road every Wednesday and Saturday, although I think they’ve stopped doing that now that the weather is so cold. Regardless, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE our little corner of property. I give it an A+++, highly recommend, would live here again (and I plan to!). Mostly because food, and also I don’t want to move again so soon in general. (But also because it’s awesome.)

Welp, that’s it for now! GOOD LUCK to everyone who is currently studying for exams, writing papers and finishing up final projects! I’ll be sending good vibes and best wishes your way 🙂

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