Day in the life: grad school

amyI’ve always found “day in the life” posts in the blogosphere fascinating, since they are a peek into someone else’s schedule, habits, hobbies. Here’s the previous Friday (pardon the delay) of my charmed biostatistics graduate student life:

7:01am – Alarm goes off. As an early bird, I am usually pretty awake by this time anyway. I clamber out of bed, go through the morning routine, eat a hearty bowl of oatmeal, and enter the tundra leave for school.

7:58am – At the bus stop. Shortly after I snap this photo the bus comes rolling in and I make a mad dash down the rest of the path. Nothing like a sprint in the morning to wake one up!


The bus stop is the shelter straight ahead

8:15am  – It’s my stop. I get off the bus and walk the short distance to my office, which is in the basement of the School of Public Health II (SPH II), on the right. Unfortunately, the cool medieval building in front is Kinesiology, not part of SPH. I must be feeling anxious about a project due early next week, since I cram in some coding before my class at 8:40am instead of dilly-dallying on the internet as usual.


SPH is divided into SPH I, the Tower, Crossroads (the archway area), and SPH II

8:40am – Environmental Health 540: Maternal and Child Nutrition. Today we have a guest speaker, a gestational diabetes counselor from the UM hospital. As a biostats student, I really relish any non-quantitative courses I get to take as a breather from all the math-y stuff. I’ve built my cognate around reproductive health, as I find the physiological and social adaptations of pregnancy incredible.


Reppin’ it during class

10:30am  – Class gets out. Squeeze in some gym time. I’m usually an early-evening exerciser, but on Fridays I need to move early or else I go stir-crazy in my three-hour class in the afternoon. The Central Campus Recreation Building (CCRB) is only a few minutes’ walk away from SPH.


Try taking a photo on a treadmill some time. It’s difficult!

In general, I enjoy running outdoors, but…


Well hey, if they’ve paved a path everything is okay, right?

12:30pm – Lunch time! I normally bring lunch to school every day, but on this rare occasion I must visit the Glass House, our cafe situated conveniently within SPH I, for some midday fuel. It’s definitely a soup kind of day. I bring the food back with me to the office (plus ten minutes since I forgot a spoon and must make a return trip–sigh) and eat while chatting with an officemate.


1:10pm – Biostatistics 880: Statistics With Missing Data. This is a PhD-level class and thus a little overwhelming, but I feel privileged to be able to take it with an expert in the field. I get a tad sentimental thinking about how this is my last semester of school, and feel some pressure to make the most of it so no senioritis for me.

3:48pm – Class ends. I descend back to my office and crank away at my project.

5:40pm – Time to go home!


6:15pm – Arrive back at my apartment. Eat dinner. It’s the weekend–joy 🙂

One thought on “Day in the life: grad school

  1. Thanks for the great description! Nice picture and great details! As a incoming student, I have learnt a lot from your experience:)

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