internship season

In the crazy wrap up of the semester, it’s been difficult to work on all of my online writing projects, but now that it’s summer I will have more time- in theory. Because  summer and for SPH students transitioning into second year, that means it’s internship season. We are all dispersed to new locations across Michigan, the United States and across the globe to see what public health looks like in action. It’s incredibly exciting and I cannot wait to see the wonderful work my classmates and colleagues will accomplish and learn this summer. It will be a summer of growth and challenge, that’s for certain.

My internship is with the University of Michigan’s MHealthy- a branch of their human resources department devoted to Health and Wellness of employees of the university. I am very excited to begin my work on projects and interventions, specifically in the Stress Management and Risk Reduction department. If there’s one thing I know as a student, it’s stress!

Some of my classmate-friends are headed out of the country! Check out Jhordan’s awesome blog documenting her summer in Chile. Another friend is already in Thailand, and a third is headed to India at the end of this month.

I will attempt to keep you all up to speed on my internship here on the SPH blog, but to also write about a few things that I learned in my last few weeks of second semester- like meeting a former Surgeon General of the U.S., potentially starting a new student org and UMMA’s student art night. I hope you’re all well, and happy summer! 🙂

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