I’m a Second Year?!

aparnaFeels like I only attended orientation yesterday, even though it was a year ago…and walking through the halls of SPH, it’s hard to remember that now I’m the second year! Not quite sure where time went, but here we are, end of September and things are picking up quickly.

First year, much of our time was spent trying to answer the “Where will I spend my summer?” question, and having found answers to that, we are thick in the middle of poster presentation preparations, Capstone project inquiries/decisions/analyses, and trying to figure out where we will take our careers. It’s been busy, but one of the best things about these projects is that we get to learn from students and faculty.

My internship was in Kolkata, India (you can read all about it on other parts of this blog!), and while it was a fantastic experience of what public health in the developing world is like, it was not the ideal epidemiologist’s internship as I didn’t come back with data.


Social enterprise I interned with over the summer!

Never fear though, because UMSPH is here! I consider myself lucky; I got to work on one entire project for 4+ months, and now, the study is off the ground and I get to watch it develop and eventually become a reservoir of data…and now I get to work on a completely different project for my Capstone and explore another health interest I have!

The other exciting changes as a second year global health epidemiology student is the courses! Some people are more into the methods courses, but I’m excited about the courses in public health ethics and infectious disease epidemiology that I’m taking! Excited to be able to apply that to my future career one day, and even with volunteer work I do with the Red Cross!

That’s it for now…will keep you updated as I finish my journey at SPH this year! Have a fantastic year ahead and, as always, feel free to reach out with questions 🙂

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