International community at SPH


This year I’m the International Chair of the Public Health Student Assembly (PHSA) at the School of Public Health. The goal of this role is to serve as a mentor for international students, helping them achieve the highest levels of academic success and connect with fellow internationals to grow long-lasting friendships with people from diverse cultures and backgrounds.

I’m very excited to have this position because I’ll be able to share my experience as an international at SPH, and give advice to students on how to navigate the system effectively. For example, I will organize a professional development workshop where students will have the opportunity to ask specific questions about job applications in the United States and learn skills that are necessary to succeed in the job search, not only domestically but internationally.

Recently we had our first international student mixer, and it was incredibly encouraging to see so many people from all over the world such as China, Nepal, India, Thailand, Burundi, Guatemala, France, Taiwan, among others, sharing the same desire to make the most of the experience at SPH. We introduced to each other, talked about the American culture, the life in Ann Arbor, and future academic and social events within the international community. We had lots of fun and also shared a delicious Mediterranean dinner.


I had an immense feeling of fulfillment after my first activity with international students. Being able to help others the same way people in the past have helped me is a way of giving back. I’ve met wonderful people throughout my career who have provided guidance and mentorship, and I cannot express enough how thankful I am for that. I think that showing solidarity with others in altruistic ways opens many doors and contributes to our own personal growth.

I can’t wait to share my upcoming events with international students!

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