Registering for my last semester of classes, and feeling thankful!

Last week I signed up for my last term at SPH. While selecting my classes, I was trying to decide how to maximize the last opportunity of having access to all the resources available at UM. I was thinking about skills that I want to keep on developing before I return to a professional setting. What a good feeling! Having said this, I love to learn new things, challenge myself and feel challenged by others, so I will always be a “student” no matter what.

I’m currently 5 months away from successfully achieving my goal. Every day I feel thankful for making the decision of getting my Global HMP degree. I have always known that in order to make things happen you need to be courageous and keep a positive mindset, because it will definitely be worth it!

I’m not only thankful for all the new things that I have learned and the doors that have opened over the last year -academically and professionally- I’m thankful for new long lasting friendships, new life experiences, new places and trips, and definitely new perspectives that have made me grow significantly as a human being.

Being thankful everyday and having a clear purpose is a way to maintain a healthy mind and body. I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving with loved ones!

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