How old is your heart?

It’s that time of year again…finals…but that’s just a stepping stone to Winter Break!!! As the semester comes to an end, I thought I’d share a cool link I found.

One of the reasons I enjoy this school is because how “nerdy” everyone can be! In my Scientific Writing class, we discussed the importance of science in the media and how blogging about science and science topics can be a great way to make it more accessible to the general population…which is one of the reasons I enjoy writing about science-y things!


So recently, I came across this link while doing a literature search for my capstone project. My thesis project looks at prenatal care’s role in congenital heart disease incidence, but this link looks more at the adult heart, and is something that is important given that heart disease is the world’s number one killer.

Cardiovascular disease is actually a really big deal, not just for us in the US but for everyone in the world. It’s the number one killer and so we owe it to ourselves to take care of our hearts!


Infographic from AHA/ASA about heart disease!

This link gives your your actual heart age. It’s from the CDC and the calculator only works for people 30-75, but if you play around with it, you can see that hypertension is a really, really big deal!

Being heart healthy is less work than it seems! Here are some tips on how you can keep your heart age up:

  1. Exercise daily! Maybe take the stairs instead of the elevator, or stand while you watch TV (or prepare ingredients for your Winter Break eating activities!)
  2. Lower salt intake…it’s actually amazing how much salt there is in food…
  3. Be happy! Stress is a huge factor in heart health and we put our bodies through a lot of it…use this break as a time to recharge and be happy.

Can’t believe I’m finishing up my penultimate semester of grad school…looking forward to resting up and hitting the ground running to graduation. Happy Winter Break everyone!

3 thoughts on “How old is your heart?

  1. Hi Aparna,
    I went through your article and found the exact research what i was looking for. Thanks for the hard work in publishing such a nice article on heart. Actually speaking heart related issues have become very common particularly in developing countries like India, Brazil, China etc. Here the competition is very high particularly in cities and that is taking toll on health of people.

    I was going through an article on the key differences among cardiac arrest, heart attack & Stroke and wanted to mention here. The article provides in depth knowledge about what is heart attack, how it happens and how can we get preventive measures to avoid it.

    Any ways many thanks to you for writing such an article which at least helped me getting my answer.


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