Across the World,Go Blue.

When I got on the plane to head to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico I was in vacation mode. Time for the sun and surf and tacos. I was wearing my SPH pullover because tank tops and flip flops in Michigan aren’t for another 3 months, give or take. I was caught up in the thoughts of finding my seat on the first plane (from Detroit to Chicago) but they were politely interrupted by  “Are you a Uof M student?” down by my elbow. Lo and behold, it was an SPH  alumni, and she told me she had graduated from SPH 35 years ago! Too cool!! I didn’t catch her name but I wished her safe travels and a parting “Go blue!”

On my flight from Chicago to Puerto Vallarta, (I’m still wearing my pullover) a young guy three seats in from the aisle said  “Go Blue! I’m in the college of Music! what program are you in?!”

Riding up the escalator in Houston, TX before flying to McAllen, (the air conditioning makes this place chilly, so I’m still wearing the pullover) an airport employee on the down escalator yells “GO BLUE!!” and I yell “Go Blue!”

And actually, the most surprising and funny time I’ve had someone tell me Go Blue! was last year in OHIO. At a toll booth!!! The guy was working and I forgot I was wearing my Umich tshirt and before I could even give him my cash, he was cheering on our shared bond.

Go blue go blue go blue!! I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of it.


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