About our Bloggers

AparnaAparna is a second year Global Health Epidemiology student, most interested in the intersection between culture and healthcare. Here at SPH, she is involved with the Public Health Action Support Team, and the Spirituality, Religion and Health group. She also volunteers with the American Red Cross, especially in their International Services work. She enjoys reading, Indian dancing, and cooking/baking in her spare time. She is a graduate of U of M with a Bachelor’s degree in Neuroscience and International Studies and hopes to pursue a career combining public health and medicine. You can read Aparna’s posts here.


SuzySuzy Culbertson is a 1st year HBHE student who originally hails from Loveland, Ohio. She graduated in May 2015 from the University of Iowa with a degree in Interdepartmental Studies: Global Health Sciences. While there she studies abroad in both the UK and India. Her public health interests include global health, maternal and reproductive health, food systems and sustainability, and holistic and alternative medicines. Last year she worked for the American Indian and Alaska Native Addiction Technology Transfer Center (AI AN ATTC) and has a special interest in Native American health issues. When not at school, she likes to spend time with her dogs, Cody and Truman, and volunteer at Save the Animals Foundation. You can read Suzy’s posts here.

TanyaTanya Taveras is a first year Master of Health Services Administration (MHSA) student at the University of Michigan School of Public Health with a certificate in Global Health. She serves as the International Chair for SPH Public Health Student Assembly. Tanya received her Bachelors in Economics at the Pontificia Universidad Católica Madre y Maestra in the Dominican Republic, and a Master of Applied Economics at the Pontificia Universidad Católica in Chile. Before coming to Ann Arbor, Tanya worked for 2 years at the World Bank in Washington D.C., and at the Ministry of Finance of the Dominican Republic. She became interested in health management due to her desire to improve access to quality care in her country. Her interests within health management are to effectively analyze the economic and financial sustainability of health systems, and to design the correct incentives to fundamentally improve the delivery of health care, especially in low-resource settings. Tanya enjoys culinary tourism, as she loves to try different foods from different regions of the world. You can read Tanya’s posts here.

EleanorI am a Master of Public Health student in Epidemiology Methods and Applications interested in the interdisciplinary and interconnected relationship of health and society. In 2015, I earned a BS in Cell and Molecular Biology with a Concentration in Chemistry from John Carroll University. Building upon my basic science background, I currently explores the molecular and psychosocial determinants of biological aging and health outcomes at the Center for Social Epidemiology and Population Health. Some fun facts: I am deaf in my right ear- I promise I’m not ignoring you! I am a dual-citizen of the USA and the UK- and which passport I pull out depends on which one is in less trouble at the time. I studied in Denmark for six months- and really miss the expansive bike lanes. I wish could speak more Danish, but there’s not much hope because I studied French for thirteen years and Spanish for one and am still afraid to speak any of them! You can read Eleanor’s posts here.


Karnik Shah is a first year Health Behavior and Health education student. Currently he is working as a Physical Therapist on an H-1 visa. He is originally from India. He loves History, and cricket is his favorite sport. He’s also a food junkie and loves travelling. You can read Karnik’s posts here.



MarieHello all!  My name is Marie Kumerow and I am a second year student in Health Behavior and Health Education (HBHE).  I am also getting a certificate in Public Health Genetics and a specialization in Health Communication.  My interests in HBHE vary tremendously and I am constantly learning about new health topics in my program, though as you can imagine I have focused in on genetics and health communication classes.  On campus, I am a member of Sexperteam and have previously done research in the Center for Public Health and Community Genomics.  Last year I volunteered at Ozone House on Washtenaw Ave taking crisis calls from Ann Arbor area youth.  My summer internship was in the Lifecourse, Epidemiology and Genomics Department of the MDHHS in Lansing working with hemoglobinopathies and health communication.  Prior to starting HBHE, I was studies Genetics at the University of Wisconsin – Madison.  My favorite food is anything spicy that you can spoon on a dollop of sour cream. I love my cat Marshmallow, trivia at Ashley’s and board games. You can read my blog posts here.

Sarah S. Bassiouni is completing her Master in Public Health (MPH) degree in Hospital and Molecular Epidemiology at the University of Michigan School of Public Health (UMSPH). A biochemist by training, she is mainly interested in the intersection of infectious disease epidemiology, human genetics, and global health.  In Summer 2015, Sarah completed her UMSPH MPH research internship studying malaria at the International Centers of Excellence in Malaria Research in Blantyre, Malawi (sub-Saharan Africa). You can read more about her work and experiences here.


Outside of the classroom, Sarah is the Michigan Public Health Association Representative for the UMSPH Epidemiology Student Organization, the Logistics Director for the Sujal Symposium on Health and Social Justice, and works with the Infection Prevention and Epidemiology Department at UMHS. Even with her busy schedule, Sarah finds time to have dinner with friends, stretch her photographic muscles, and hike in the UM Arboretum. You can read her blog posts here.

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