Family Rivalry

The stuff of legends is underway just a few blocks from my apartment. OSU vs. Michigan at the Big House. This game is something people eagerly await the entire football season for and it is here. This year is particularly interesting as Jim Harbaugh and the Wolverines take on Urban Meyer and the 2014 Champion…


Ann Arbor Love

This will be quick, but I have to sing the praises of the town in which I now live… The beauty! The people! The food! The trees! Wake up early one morning, preferably when it is just barely light, and wander around- it’s worth it.



It’s a daunting two syllables, capstone. While the first years are currently in the throes of finding their internships, we second years are pounding away at the culmination of our MPH’s…the one…the only…CAPSTONE! For many of my classmates, they were able to collect data on their internships and are using their summer projects to drive…


Blood, Sweat, Tears, and Guts: How I Got to SPH

As an undergraduate, I became a certified EMT and responded to emergencies on campus. There was the inevitable freshman who called when he got the flu in the fall and his mother was not their to tell him to take some ibuprofen. There was the epileptic whose roommate spotted having a seizure at 3am. And…


Day in the life: grad school

I’ve always found “day in the life” posts in the blogosphere fascinating, since they are a peek into someone else’s schedule, habits, hobbies. Here’s the previous¬†Friday (pardon the delay) of my charmed biostatistics graduate student life: 7:01am – Alarm goes off. As an early bird, I am usually pretty awake by this time anyway. I…